About Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals

Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals is a UK based charity dedicated to helping to improve conditions of Health care in Jamaica.

Our aim is to alleviate unnecessary suffering by providing fit for purpose medical equipment and improving the overall hospital environment.

We send contractors into the hospitals to conduct practical improvements to the environments, to enhance the experience of visitors and staffs. 

Our mission is to contribute to the health and well-being of the people using public hospitals in Jamaica by enhancing and improving public facilities.

Rejuvenate was established in February 2013. It was set up as a result of the founder’s experience of visiting a friend at a public hospital in Jamaica. The conditions she encountered left her with the determination to try her utmost to bring about improvements to facilities, where needed, to public hospital in Jamaica.

The charity team is made up of a committed group of volunteers who believe that the beautiful island of Jamaica is deserving of improved hospital conditions and are doing what they can to help.

Our dedicated volunteers regularly attend events to raise funds, we also organise fund-raising events such as Gala’s and dances with the support of some of the music industry's top artists and DJs, as well as car boot sales, sponsored walks and Tea Parties.

With your help and generosity we aim to make real improvements that will make a difference to those who visit hospitals in Jamaica. Whenever someone goes to hospital they are in need, therefore we aim to make that visit a little more comfortable.

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Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals

UK charity registration no. 1165479


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